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Questions about the company and registration on the project website

1 What does the company do and why should it cooperate with private investors?
Our company is engaged in investments in Financial markets like crypto currency, Forex, trading such assets as oil and precious metals. To expand our capabilities, we need to attract additional resources. Therefore, we start cooperation with private investors who are interested in passive income and will allow the company to increase its working capital.
2 Who can join the project?
Any investor who has reached the legal age may join our investment offer.
3 Is the registration on your site free?
Creating a personal account on our site is absolutely free.
4 How are my funds added as a deposit protected?
The company is staffed by real professionals, who minimize risks through qualitative diversification of the portfolio. We allocate funds to different areas and therefore our transactions are always profitable.
5 Is my personal and payment data somehow protected?
You can be fully confident that we use modern data protection methods and do not share any data about our customers with third parties.
6 How many accounts can I create in your project?
You can create only one account on the company website. Detecting multiple registrations will lead to the blocking of such accounts along with the funds on them. In this case, the actions of the administration are not subject to appeal, because by registering on the site, you confirm that you agree to follow the Rules of the company. Do not intentionally violate the Rules, as it is fraught with irreversible consequences.

Questions about deposit

1 Do I have to pay a commission when creating a deposit or withdrawing funds from the company?
We do not charge a commission for any financial transactions within the project. At the same time, pay attention to the fact that payment systems can get additional payments and be sure to take this into account in the calculations.
2 With the help of which payment systems can I contribute funds to the project?
Financial operations in the project can be performed via Payeer,epaycore, Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether (USDT ERC-20) payment systems.
3 What is the minimum investment in the project?
The minimum deposit in the project is set at Payeer - $25, Perfect Money - $50, Bitcoin - 0.005 BTC, Ethereum – 0.05 ETH, Litecoin – 0.5 LTC, Tether -25 USDT
4 Are there any restrictions on the maximum amount available for investment?
We currently limit the amount of the investment to Payeer - $100000, Perfect Money - $100000, Bitcoin - 10 BTC, Ethereum - 300 ETH, Litecoin - 1000 LTC, Tether - 100000 USDT, which is subject to change at a later date.
5 When will I receive my first profit after making a deposit to the project?
The first profit will be paid to your wallet 24 hours after the deposit is activated.
6 How often will I profit from the created deposit?
The investor receives a daily profit from 0.8% to 3% on business days.
7 How long will the funds I have contributed be in operation and can I withdraw them from the project ahead of schedule?
The current investment proposal presupposes introduction of funds on an indefinite basis. You can use the profit you receive at your discretion - you can easily save it in your wallet or invest in the project again. Early deposit withdrawal is not foreseen in the project, as your investments are involved in our activities.
8Can I cancel my Deposit and withdraw funds?
After the first 24 hours of making a deposit, you can cancel it and withdraw funds. The amount you cancel will be charged a fee of 20%. Once your deposit is canceled, the funds will be returned to your balance from where you can withdraw. Deposits are returned free of charge upon completion of the investment plan (after 30, 40, or 50 days depending on the plan). This method is only active for investing in a 3% daily plan. You can access this feature from the list of Deposits in your profile.

Questions about profit withdrawal

1 How long does it take to process a withdrawal request?
Payments through PerfectMoney are processed Instantly. For Cryptocurrencies could take up to 24hour.
2 Are there any restrictions on the amount available for withdrawal?
As soon as epaycore,Perfect Money 1$, Bitcoin - 0.001 BTC, Ethereum - 0.025 ETH, Litecoin - 0.1 LTC, Tether - 10 USDT) is accumulated on the balance of one of the payment systems of your account, these funds will be paid automatically

Questions about the partnership program

1 What is a partnership program and why do I need it?
We are interested in making sure that as many investors as possible learn about our project. The best advertising is feedback from investors who successfully earn money with the company, and we are ready to pay rewards from deposits created by your attracted participants.
2 Who can earn on the partnership program from the project?
In order to become a member of the partnership program, you only need to register on the website. You may not even have a personal deposit in the project, but this will not prevent you from receiving income from attracted funds. At the same time, only those participants who have a personal investment of $500 can become a project representative.
3 How do you know that a new member is attracted by me?
To attract partners, you will use a unique partner link, which will be available to you after registration in your personal cabinet. All new members who clicked on your link to our site will be automatically counted by your partners.

Other questions

1 I lost my password and now I can't log in to my account. What to do?
If you lost access to your account, we recommend using the password recovery form.
2 In this section there is no answer to the question that interests me !
If you have a question that is not answered in this section, you need to email us: support@monderson.com

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